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  • PRmax is a highly researched and maintained, accurate media database which has been surrounded by simple to use software, from the designers of both Mediadisk and PR Planner, to create a fantastic PR journalist targeting and PR Management System. PRmax provides in depth details on Publications and Journalists for National and Regional Newspapers, Trade publications, Consumer Magazines, Radio & TV, Online publications and even Blogs, in fact the entire UK press! Find out more "From the moment we took up a trial with PR Max we were impressed."
  • PRmax is the UK's fastest growing Forwards Features Directory with over 65,000 Features Opportunities, making it the perfect way for you to uncover new relevant opportunities for coverage, telling you the best time to pitch a story and providing the perfect tie-in ideas for a new product launches. Drill down to find the very best editorial opportunities, critical dates and editorial deadlines! Find out more “I found it incredibly easy and fast to use!”
  • PRmax Email News Distribution gives you Direct one to one contact with selected Journalist for precision targeting whilst SEO News DistributionReaching major News Websites and key search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The combination ensures you attain the absolute maximum number of opportunities for Journalists, News Organisations and News Consumers to see, utilise and reproduce your story! Amend Distribution screen from this…. Find out more “So simple, quick and accurate I wish I had found PRmax sooner ”
  • Monitor your entire media universe with unlimited search criteria and unlimited clippings from over 4,500 online editions of UK print media. Define your precise Monitoring Brief, entering your Monitoring Keywords and Exclusions for each client, brand or competitor and immediately start automatic monitoring delivered directly into your PRmax and delivered as an Automated Daily News Reports with automated Graphical Analysis for gives a great and accurate overview of your coverage and comparative media profile! Find out more “Without question, my recommendaton of the year, even the support is fantastic”

PRmax is a powerful yet simple to use Public Relations Management System and Media Contacts Database with Email and SEO Press Release Distribution, Media Monitoring and more to maximise your Media Coverage.

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